food & drink

Along with your ticket & room, food is included for every day of your stay.

Our chefs will be serving vegan and vegetarian dishes with freshly baked home made bread. Dinners start with seasonal salads and dressing.

In the evenings we’ll be serving local beer and wine from the bar.


Coffee, teas & infusions with dairy & non-dairy milk

Yogurt, muesli, cookies, pastries

Cheese & vegan cheese

Toast, jam, dairy & non-dairy butter

Freshly-grated tomato & extra virgin olive oil (for the local ‘Pan con tomate’)

Example meals:

Chickpea hummus with crudités

Green vegetables velouté

Seitan escalopes with roasted sweet potato

Cannelloni (dried tomato & cashew paté with mushroom) au gratin with goat cheese

Coconut flan

Apple crumble

Dhal and basmati rice with homemade chutney

Vegan Kofta in tomato sauce

Sapnan curry (mushroom, peas and fresh cheese curry)

Chocolate brownies

Vegan carrot pudding

Springtime veggie smoothie

Whole-grain vegetarian paella with seaweed

Goat cheese and cassava croquettes with pineapple marmalade

Chocolate drop carrot cake

Homemade mango ice cream

Pumpkin cream with Roquefort cheese

Couscous & beans with special vinaigrette sauce

Mixed vegetables and mushrooms lasagna

Hindu dessert with ice cream

Chocolate flan

Cucumber and mint cream

Soft veggie curry with seitan bits

Biriani rice (with fresh vegetables and dried fruits)

Srikan (yogurt cream with saffron)

Apple crumble