What is La Casita


La Casita is the first European retreat from the team behind the UK’s Summer House Weekend. Over eight years we’ve welcomed thousands of guests, hosted hundreds of workshops and talks and witnessed our community evolve as guests have fallen in love, explored how they see their gender, built families and started spin-off events of their own.

The experience is all about exploring intimacy, creativity and connection in a respectful, playful and relaxing environment.

We believe everyone should have equal right to sexual freedom and self-expression no matter what their identity. We aim to hold a feminist and queer-friendly safer space. We shy away from binary ways of thinking, so wherever you see yourself on the scales of skepticism and spirituality, kinky or vanilla, experienced or newbie, monogamous or poly… and wherever you find yourself on the spectrums of age, gender or sexuality, we want you to feel at home.

Facilitation at La Casita is by our UK hosts together with workshops hosted by a variety of experts from Europe. Production is led by Clare and Sarah, key team members behind Nowhere, the European regional Burning Man festival.

The Experience


Your ticket to La Casita gets you a bed, vegan/vegetarian meals throughout your stay, plus access to all workshops, talks, performances, DJing, and on the Saturday night we have both a play party and a softer cuddle party. As well as more upbeat moments there will be space for solitude and introversion, and our Wellbeing Team will be there to provide a space where you can relax and talk things through with a peer.

You can select whether you wish to stay for 3 or 4 nights: our doors open Thurs 9 May 2019 and close Mon 13 May 2019, with most activities on the Friday and Saturday, and Sunday as a “landing day”. Check out What’s On for full descriptions of everything that’s been announced so far.

Theme - Beyond Borders


In the wake of Brexit and the ongoing political trend of looking inward, we want to go beyond borders instead, to make friends and build bridges and community across Europe. We want to connect not just internationally but across communities - burner, tantra, queer, kinky, sex-positive… and all the communities we haven’t met yet.

Location and Getting There


The retreat centre is set amidst beautiful woods on a mountainside near Alcover, about 30 minutes from Reus airport and an hour from Barcelona (see the Getting There page).

In May you can expect temperatures of 20 degrees+, so this is a perfect opportunity to combine with a vacation to the nearby beach at Gaudi’s home town of Reus or its Port Aventura theme park & water park; the queer-friendly beach town of Sitges (home of a famous horror & fantasy film festival) or Barcelona with all its culture.


Please see our accessibility page for details.